Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium: Just for Teens

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium recently opened a cool new center for teens, the Teen Learning LabThe Teen Learning Lab was created with and for teens to help them explore science, animals and the natural world. It provides a free space for teens to attend programs, collaborate on projects, get professional input on career and science projects. Staff also helps teens get involved with social media and the arts.

And when they say free, they mean free. Teens just show their high school pass and they can pass right into the Shedd's Teen Learning Lab.

How much cooler can it get? Quite a bit. Here's what their website says:
Teens can connect with Shedd Aquarium mentors; produce videos, audio, podcasts and photos; participate in social media activities; conduct scientific research; explore aquatic careers; develop and research animals, science and the natural world; lead or participate in stewardship activities; receive assistance with science fair or research projects; participate in workshops, experiences or projects to build your own academic or personal portfolio; debate environmental issues; hang out, study, read or connect with other teens.
Here, you can use our...Apple MacBook Pros and Mac Pros, podcasting equipment, iPads, scanners, iPod docking stations, printers, Smart Board and Adobe Software Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator and iMovie). Teens will have web access and free wifi.
In February 2014 the Lab is kicking off a career series aimed at helping teens understand career paths related to STEM, conservation and marine biology, "How Do I Become A?” 

Hmmm. With all that tech gear, maybe they're looking for someone to speak about a career in social media. I know just the gal--me!